Takeover of the Working Group on the Reform of Administrative Offenses

The Bastonário Dr. Guilherme Figueiredo gave possession to the members of the Working Group for Reform of Administrative Offenses, on January 30, 2018, in the headquarters of the Order of Lawyers in Lisbon.

The Working Group for the Reform of Administrative Offenses is the result of collaboration between the Office of Legislative Policy of the Bar Association and the Criminal Forum – Association of Penal Lawyers, and its purpose is to monitor and participate in the discussions on the Reform of the Law of the Counter-Ordinations, proposing to the said Cabinet proposals for legislative amendment that the latter may later refer to the Bastonário for approval by the General Council.

Work Group:

Dr. José António Barreiros (Presidente)

Dra. Ana de Brito Camacho (coordenadora)

Dra. Ana de Oliveira Monteiro

Dra. Ana Sílvia Lima

Dra. Cláudia Amorim

Dra. Sofia Ribeiro Branco

Dr. Tiago Lopes Azevedo

Dr. João Matos Viana (membro suplente).

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