Taking office at the Office for Legislative Policy of the Portuguese Bar Association

The Office for Legislative Policy is presided by Dr. José António Barreiros and composed of Dra. Ana Filipa Morais Antunes, Dr. José Maria Santarém Correia e Dr. Pedro Barbas Homem.

The Office shall:

  1. Promote, on its own initiative or by order of the President of the Bar Association, studies and surveys to assess the need for legislation with relevance to the practice of law and to the functioning of the justice system, as well as to the fulfilment of the aims of the rule-of-law State.2. Issue opinions on legislative proposals from sovereignty bodies or other public or private entities, submitted to it by order of the President of the Bar Association.3. Organize, in coordination with the other bodies of the Bar Association and on the basis of a program subject to the approval of the President of the Bar Association, events for legal debate with the participation of other entities that intervene in the public administration and justice services, with a view to gathering information that is relevant to the fulfilment of its mandate, and without prejudice to the competence of the bodies of the Bar Association entrusted with training activities.

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